Donating is easy! We encourage anyone that wants to donate to take advantage of this avenue to make donations that are tax deductible to the extent permitted by current tax law. We also encourage everyone to check with your company to see if they have a contribution foundation for 501(c)(3) organizations, match cash donations, or make cash donations for service.

We are also able to accept in-kind donations of materials for Eagle scout projects and for regular troop activities including community service and outdoor adventures. If you are interested in making an in-kind donation or have other questions, please contact us using our contact form or by emailing friends (at)

Please note: donations made online with a credit card will be assessed a 2.5% Convenience Fee.  To pay online, you do not need to have a PayPal account, but you will need a major credit or debit card.

If you do not wish to pay the Convenience Fee, please send a personal or corporate check payable to Friends of Glencoe Scouting, 1 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois, 60601.

NOTE: This page is currently under development. Please do NOT use this to make an actual donation.

Level and Amount
Scout – $10 [nicepaypal type=”donate” name=”Scout Donation” amount=”10″]
Tenderfoot – $25 [nicepaypal type=”donate” name=”Tenderfoot Donation” amount=”25″]
Second Class – $50 [nicepaypal type=”donate” name=”Second Class Donation” amount=”50″]
First Class – $100 [nicepaypal type=”donate” name=”First Class Donation” amount=”100″]
Star – $250 [nicepaypal type=”donate” name=”Star Donation” amount=”250″]
Life – $500 [nicepaypal type=”donate” name=”Life Donation” amount=”500″]
Eagle – $1000 [nicepaypal type=”donate” name=”Eagle Donation” amount=”1000″]